Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Determination of policies for improving business environment for oil economies            0000-00-00
2    Evaluate the performance of Iran in ethical Markets: Using Principal Component Analysis            0000-00-00
3    Measuring the monetary value of social capital            0000-00-00
4    Theoretical evaluation of the requirements for the realization of Justice and efficiency    M.Sc.    sadeghi, mohamad sadra    2010-06-29
5    The Principal-agent problem as One of The Market barriers to Energy Efficiency: the case study of fuel in cars of mashhad    M.Sc.    Khadivy Rofougar, Saeed    2010-07-11
6    Financing methods to improve the energy sector mellatbank the situation presents itself new methods    M.Sc.    miri, ali    2011-05-17
7    Assessing the impact of monetary policy on bank lending in the private and public sectors during 1382_1388    M.Sc.    khosrojerdi, vajiheh    2011-07-12
8    Evaluation of student performance improvement by providing relative performance feedback    M.Sc.    joneidi, hamed    2011-09-27
9    The Economic Impact Evaluation of Extraction and Production of Unconventional Gas (Shale Gas) on The Iran Economy    M.Sc.    Shahini, Nima    2012-06-17
10    An Economic Analysis of Applying Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technology In The Athletic Site In Water And Waste Water Company of Mashhad.    M.Sc.    mousavi sodagar, seyed mohammad saeid    2012-06-26
11    Investment in Education and Training and its Impact on Economic Growth of the Selected Developing Countries (Upper Middle Income)    M.Sc.    hassan nezhad, hossein    2012-07-03
12    comprehensive evaluation and comparison of Energy Security in OPEC and OECD countries member    M.Sc.    Mohtashami, Mina    2012-07-09
13    Study of Cash Waqf and It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Economic Impacts Based on Poverty and Employment    M.Sc.    Seyyed Hosseini, Seyyed Mohammad    2012-07-16
14    The Economic Evaluation of Construction of GTL Plant in Sarakhs Special Economic Zone    M.Sc.    hosseini, sayed mehdi    2013-07-15
15    Analysis of Economic Volunteers’ Motivations    M.Sc.    ahmadi, fatemeh    2013-10-26
16    The Impact of Oil revenue fluctuations on Monetary Policy in Iran (1369-1391) , Using Dynamic Conditional Correlation    M.Sc.    hajiyan pirooz, davoud    2014-02-23
17    The effect of Islamic teachings on information asymmetric reducing in the commodity market    M.Sc.    salehnia, nafiseh    2014-03-11
18    The Effect of Electricity Consumption Per Capita on Human Development in Selected Developing Countries    M.Sc.    majidzadeh, fereshteh    2014-03-11
19    A study for short-run and long-run effects of exchange rate on the bilateral trad ie balance, between Iran andts major trade partners, during the period of 1371 to 1391.    M.Sc.    AsghariPur, Farzad    2014-06-05
20    The examination of relationship between energy consumption and some demographic variables in Iran by use of ARDL Method,1972-2011    M.Sc.    akhondi, mojtaba    2014-06-10
21    Studying the effective factors on bank deposits portfolio of Khorasan Razavi Post Bank, with use of Panel data model (2010-2013)    M.Sc.    jafarinezhad bajestani, hamid    2014-06-11
22    Effect of Oil on democracy in selected Oil-rich countries    M.Sc.    naeimi, fariba    2014-07-15
23    Economic feasibility of solar power plant with a capacity of 25 MW and comparing it with the case of generating electricity from fossil fuels in the industrial town of Kashmar city    M.Sc.    akhtarshenas, seyedkazem    2014-10-07
24    The study of volatility spillover of return rate among stock, gold and foreign currency markets in Iran during 2011 to 2014    M.Sc.    Hosseinioun, Niloufar Sadat    2014-12-02
25    The role of resource fund in governance in selected resource rich countries.    M.Sc.    moazeni, soheila    2015-05-24
26    Analyzing the effects of pension policy and government s health expenditure on household savings in Iran    M.Sc.    Charkhkar, Elham    2015-06-23
27    Investigation the Role of Religious Tourism in Rural Development for Tabadkan Village, with an Emphasis on Social Capital and Quality of Life (Case Study:Tabadkan)    M.Sc.    afshari, Reihane    2015-07-01
28    The Study of Factors Involved in the Tax Capacity of Provinces    M.Sc.    khodadadiyan, mahmoud    2015-07-05
29    the threshold impact of oil revenue on Effectiveness financial development on economic growth in iran (1352-1391)    M.Sc.    SHahparast, Elahe    2015-07-21
30    The study of causality relationship between money, quasi money and real GDP in Iran    M.Sc.    tashakori, marjan    2015-07-21
31    Compare relationship financial development and energy consumption (Electricity energy) between agriculture and industry and mining sectors in Iran    M.Sc.    tavassoli, nayere    2015-07-21
32    The study of gold futures Market as a hedge against the stock market in Iran    M.Sc.    zarindel hosseinabad, maliheh    2016-03-05
33    Investigating the Impact of Economic and Social Infrastructure on Employment in Iran during 1979 to 2014    M.Sc.    jafari, ramin    2016-04-16
34    The Study of Effective Factors on Energy Consumption and Forecasting by Kalman filter in Iran's Economy    M.Sc.    Shafieian, Sara    2016-05-09
35    The Economic Evaluation of Absorption and Compression Chiller's Options in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    mousavi dalini, maryam    2016-06-28
36    The Impact of Energy Consumption inTransport and Foreign Direct Investment on Co2 Emission in The Selected MENA Countries    M.Sc.    sheybanifar, samaneh    2016-07-03
37    The study of volatility spillover of OPEC oil price in the stock price index of petroleum company    M.Sc.    dehghan tanha, sahar    2016-07-05
38    The Determination of the Optimum Share for Different Types of Energy Under Iran’s Industrial Subsectors With Regard to Economic and Environmental Purposes Using NSGA-ΙΙ    Ph.D    Rashidi, Payam    2016-12-27
39    The study of volatility and shock spillovers of the rate of return between the foreign exchange market, chemical products, and petroleum products stock markets in Iran during the years of 1390 to 1395    M.Sc.    hosseine, mosayeb    2017-01-01
40    The Effect of Deep Democracy on Economic Growth Due to the Role of Air Pollution (Compare Iran and South Korea)    M.Sc.    yazdan panah, sahar    2017-04-22
41    Investigating the possibility of regime change in the rate of returns on the stock market of oil products in Iran from 2012 to 2017 (the Markov Switching Model)    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, habibeh    2017-06-18
42    The study of the real exchange rate nonlinear behavior in Iran    M.Sc.    afkhami rad, niloofar    2017-07-01
43    The study of rate of return and trading volume volatility regimes and the shocks effects on their fluctuations in the Iranian petrochemical stock between 2011 to 2016 using Markov switching model and GARCH model    M.Sc.    asarifar, kimia    2017-07-11
44    Analysis of the regime change of Tehran Stock Exchange in January 2014 and investigation of the effect of agents` variety changes on its occurrence according to log periodic power law model.    Ph.D    barkish, ahmad    2017-08-12